Anushka Garnier 


With 15 years of experience in both the health and culinary industries, Anushka knows how to make nutritious taste delicious. She is the owner and operator of leaf and bone - a  Toronto based boutique natural catering + event company that offers a variety of services centralized around food and wellness. The brand's first brick and mortar cafe located in Riverdale, Toronto is scheduled to open up in Summer 2019. 

After receiving an MSc in Nutrition and training in some of London, England's busiest kitchens, the conventional practices of cooking didn't always fit into the nutritive spectrum of Anushka's world. She chose to pursue a course that challenged food as we know it, searching for healthier and cleaner ways to fuel the body without compromising flavor and familiarity. She traveled to live, work, and learn in places such as the Caribbean, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to enrich her practice.  During this time, she cultivated new techniques involving open-fire, smoking, preservation, fermentation, and manipulation of raw foods.  Working closely with farms in small rural establishments allowed her to gain an intimate understanding of the origins of food, biodynamic diversity and sustainability, truly understanding earth's natural food resources thus inspiring the brand Leaf + Bone. 

She recently returned to her beloved hometown of Toronto permanently.  Eager to showcase new abilities, she helped open two of Toronto's premier raw vegan food companies and quickly became a leader in Toronto's natural food scene.  She is now a proud mama and entrepreneur whose mission is to make healthy eating easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Working as a chef allows her the medium to create and heal and share her passion for amazing food.  She is all about thrilling the pallet with bold flavours, incredible combinations and finding that balance where nutritious is delicious. Her food and creations are an extension of her; healthy, hearty, and happy and her ethos is feed more people better food, simply!  She is a shameless foodie and a constant learner forever searching for the perfect plate.